Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

Mechanical & Drilling Department Imaging Section Wet Process Department Testing Machines & Inspection Equipment General Machines
Optical Drilling M/C – 2no’s
Arris Single Spindle CNC Driller
Contact Printer
Conveyorised Developing M/CD.S
Exposure 5 KW
Alkaline Etching Machine Cemcut
Brushing Machine
Conveyorised Rinse + Drier
Tin Plating Line
125 Ltrs Pre Treatment Line
1500 Ltrs 1st Copper Plating
Screen Printing Section
Screen Printing M/C
Temperature controlled oven
Universal Bare Board Tester
Fly Probe Bare Board Tester
Inspection Magnifiers
20 HP Screw Compressor
Treadle Shear
Oven – Temperature controlled

Technical Capability

Descriptions Specifications
Layers Up   to 12 layers
Class 2/3 Support Class   2
ROHS Compliant Yes
Route and Retain Yes
Scoring Yes
Extensive Route Yes
Material FR4,   MCPCB, Rogers, Flex
Board Thickness 0.8   mm to 3.2 mm
Thickness Tolerance 10%
Surface Finish HASL,   LFHASL, ENIG, Immersion Silver
Outer Layer Finish Copper 35   Microns to 140 Microns
Inner Copper 35   Microns to 90 Microns
Gold Fingers Yes
Minimum Trace Width 6   Mils
Minimum Space Width 6   Mils
Minimum Via Holes Size 8   Mils
Minimum Pad Pitch 8   Mils
Descriptions Specifications
Minimum Drill to Copper   Distance 6   Mils
Solder Mask Type SMOBC   Gloss
Solder Mask Color Green,   Blue, White, Red, Black, Yellow
Silk Screen Color White,   Black
Selective Hard Gold   Plating Yes
Impedance Control Yes
Blind/ Buried Vias Yes
Internal Cut outs / Slots Yes
Counter Sink Yes
Edge Plating Yes
Edge Plated Holes Yes
Test Facility Fly Probe (BBT)
Gerber File Format GBX 274 X
PCB Maximum Size 610mm x 400mm
PCB Minimum Size 15mm x 15mm
PCB Maximum Panel Size 630mm x 425mm
PCB Minimum Panel Size 250mm x 200mm

For PCB Board Fabrication, Please do send us the Gerber in RS274X format for us to work on the feasibility and we will send you a quote at FREE OF COST.

Head to “Get a Quote” page and fill the details for receiving quotations for PCB Layout design, fabrication and product development.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly


The RF 300 RF 500 Inline SMT Reflow soldering system heating profile are superior to batch and other ovens for several reasons.Each heating zone is programmable through the controller, which stores up to 100 profiles.The oven includes a real-time temperature profiler port. When a thermocouple is attached to the PC board, the actual Reflow temperature profile is displayed graphically as the board travels through the oven.

1. Height: 495 mm
2. Length: 2500 mm
3. Width: 945 mm
4. Power Supply: 220V, 50Hz

NeoDen TM220A is desktop automatic pick and place machines.These machines are small, easy to program and operate.

1. Applicable PCB: 20mm*20mm~400mm*360mm
2. Placement head quantity: 2
3. Max mounting capability: 7000PCS/h
4. Positioning accuracy: A 0.025mm
5. Applicable Components: 0402-5050,SOP, QFN, IC
6. Components supply configuration: Tape reel, bulk package (IC)
7. Tape width: 8mm, 12mm, 16mm
8. Feeders: 28 (8mm=21, 12mm=4, 16mm=2, bulk IC=1)
9. External Dimension: L 980mmA W 655mmA H 285mm
10. Vacuum pump: -92KPA (Mute type pump)
11. Power supply: 220V, 50Hz (Convertible to 110V)
12. Average working power: 100W
13. Weight: G.W: 65KG (N.W: 35KG)

QIHE TVM802 is dual vision built-in computer smt desktop pick and place machine.

1. Applicable PCB : 20mm*20mm~340mm*340mm
2. Maximum Pcb Size : 350 mm x 400 mm
3. Motor : In-Bulid
4. Mount Components0602,0402,1206,SOP8,QFN
5. Components supply configuration : Tape reel, bulk package (IC)
6. Tape width : 8mm, 12mm, 16mm Feeder:26
7. Visual System : 2 CCD Cameras
8. Production Capacity : 5500CPH
9. Mounter Head :2
10. Power Consumption : 200W