Embedded Hardware & Software

We provide cost-effective technology solutions for diverse applications. Proto Circuits will be your partner in the journey of unlocking innovations.

Supporting automation works to deliver outcomes with minimal human intervention.

Turnkey Solution

“Turn” a “Key” to commence. We are here to transform your ideas into reality presenting End-to-End Solutions.

Product Lifecycle

  • Market Research of Idea
    Targeting market needs and preferences
  • Technical Specification gathering
    Process of generating a list of requirements (functional, system, technical, etc.)
  • Electronic Hardware Design
    Electronic Circuit development by professionals
  • PCB Layout Design
    Converting Material files to manufacturable files
  • Fabrication & PCB Assembly
    Construction & assembly of whole physical needs
  • Embedding Software Development
    Developing the code to command hardware section
  • Enclosure Design Engineering
    Defining the look-and-feel of the product
  • System Integration
    Integrating Hardware & Software; Aligning all in line
  • Prototype testing
    Test to meet Customers’ expectation
  • Final Product completion
    Last phase of the project life cycle to deliver what we promised


Embedded Board Design
Android, Linux & Window
Based Embedded Development
Multi Processor, Controller & FPGA Based Design
IOT Projects With BLE, ZIGBEE,
Wifi & GSM Module

Projects We Worked

Sanitizer Dispensers

  • Hands-free application
  • Designed to dispense a pre-programmed quantity of sanitizing fluids
  • Compact
  • Rechargeable battery operated

Water Dispenser

  • Electronically operating water dispenser
  • Dual Mode operation
    1. Continuous flow with ON-OFF control
    2. Absolute flow with pre-set Quantity say 600ml
  • User friendly
  • Rechargeable

Smart Table

  • 4 Programmable heights controlled
  • Designed to work with input between 100 to 240V
  • With Overload & Collision warning indication
  • Mobile charging facility added
  • Bluetooth connectivity with mobile
  • EMC & RoHS compliant free

Steering Column Controller Unit

  • Electronically controlled steering column
  • Designed to lock the steering wheel after desired time period
  • Compliance with Automotive standards
  • EMC & 4G Vibration free

Temperature & Timer-based ON-OFF Controllers

  • Continuous temperature monitoring to ensure safe operations
  • Indication when it reaches abnormal levels
  • Auto cut-off as per timer input

Sensor-based Device Development

  • Remote Jamming Devices
  • Contactless Liquid Level Controller
  • Burglar Alarms
  • Streetlights that glow by sensing vehicle movement
  • Gas leakage Detectors

LED Signal Lights

  • Serial and parallel connecting LED circuits to work with different battery sources
  • LED Circuits for various toys

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